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KHB Photografix is your trusted choice for preventative maintenance and repair for professional electronic flash units, enlargers, and large format and specialty cameras.

We will be happy to provide estimates on request. Refused estimates are charged only for diagnostic fees and return shipping.

KHB Photografix also offers specialized product knowledge and design expertise, including electronic design services and machine shop facilities. We are uniquely qualified to supply custom modifications to your equipment or to manufacture custom adapters and/or accessories to meet your particular needs. There is no charge for quotations on custom work and we enjoy a challenge. Please contact us with any requirements you may have.

KHB Photografix warranties repairs for six months.

Electronic Flash

KHB Photografix repairs and performs preventative maintenance to electronic flash units including handheld flash, monolights, studio flash packs, radio slaves and accessories.

We provide full Factory Authorized warranty and non-warranty service and parts for: Lumedyne

Factory parts and non-warranty services are available for:
AlienBees, White Lightning, Zeus, Speedotron, Ascor/Berkey, Crown, Balcar, Dyna-Lite, Bowens, Broncolor, Quantum.

We also service: Elinchrom, Profoto, Venca, Novatron, Hensel, Comet, Metz, Vivitar, Pocket Wizard.

Custom modifications can assist you with greater versatility in equipment usage and meet your creative needs as a photographer:
   - Heads converted for use on a different pack brand or vice versa
   - Adapter cables to enable heads to work on multiple brands of packs
   - Extension cables
   - Custom sync cords and plug conversions
   - Fresnel spot lamps converted to flash
   - Bare bulb conversions to portable flash
   - Battery cells rebuilt or upgraded to the latest technology
   - Battery performance testing

Darkroom Equipment

KHB Photografix specializes in refurbishing your used equipment to factory specifications, at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. We service a wide range of darkroom equipment, including enlarging lenses, colour analyzers, timers, densitometers, dryers, roll easels and paper dispensers. Enlarger alignment service using laser technology provides the most exacting and critical technology to ensure optimum quality of your output.

KHB Photografix provides Factory Authorized warranty and non-warranty service and parts and accessories for:
    LPL Enlargers
    Omega Enlargers
    Beseler Enlargers
    DeVere Enlargers
    Arkay Darkroom Equipment

We also service:
Durst,  GraLab timers,  Rodenstock and Schneider enlarging lenses,  ZBE,  Eseco,  and X-Rite.

Custom Modifications:
   - Special size negative carriers (pin registered, glass, glassless and/or rapid shift)
   - Special recessed or extended lens mounts
   - Power focus or power lift monitors
   - Custom cut anti-newton or regular carrier glass


KHB Photografix repairs all makes and models of large format cameras, taking lenses and accessories.

We offer Factory Authorized parts and service for:
Omega View
Copal Shutters
Compur Shutters
Seiko Shutters

We also service: Toyo, Sinar, Cambo, Arca Swiss, Linhof Technica, Deardorff, plus Nord, Camerz and other ID cameras.

Custom modifications:
   - Special extended and recessed lens boards
   - Lenses converted from barrel mounts to fit into shutters
   - Lensboard adapters, i.e."TECHNICA" adapter boards
   - Aperture scales calibrated and engraved
   - Special size or replacement bellows supplied, including old cameras
   - Ground glass cut to size
   - Reducing backs


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